• Our Wish List

    1.      Portabell Cases for 3 octave set of bells  = $1825 & shipping 2.      16” risers for our bass ringers  = $820.00 3.      Video recording equipment to replace current personally owned equipment  4.      6th Octave (G2-B2) Malmark ChoirChimes (complete with mallets, stands, and cases) = $2,710 (plus shipping) 5.      Upper 6th octave bells (D8-G8) = $1,980  (plus case & shipping) 6.      Upper 7th octave bells (G#8-C9 = […]

  • Road Case USA 6 Tub Road Storage Case

    This case was produced by a leader in the ATA transit case industry and is extremely useful! The case is constructed of 3/8″ plywood with a heavy PVC grey vinyl laminate on the face and a black stained interior. Tub drawers are practically unbreakable, lightweight, and are a great and unique feature to this case. […]

  • Intellistage Portable Staging System

    The ultimate in portability and convenience, these risers are modular, lightweight platforms that can be combined to create customized stages. Ring Sarasota owns four 4′ x 4′ sections with 8″ risers allowing our bass bells and ringers to be seen and heard.

  • Greig Ashurst Artist Series Mallets

    The Greig Ashurst Artist Series is a line of cutting-edge handbell mallets specifically engineered to meet the demands of today’s professional handbell musicians. Each of the series’ eight mallets are the result of months of intensive research, development, testing, and collaboration between Schulmerich and percussionist, conductor, composer, performer, educator, Greig Ashurst.

  • Bass Bell Cradles

    Bass Bell Cradles, designed and sold exclusively by The Raleigh Ringers’, consist of a block shaped strip of foam slightly longer than the diameter of a bass bell, about an inch and a half wide and high. One long side of the strip is cut to fit the casting of a bass bell. These “cradles” […]

  • Port-A Bell Cases

    (Handbell and Choirchime) These cases, similar to those that have carried sensitive military and photographic equipment for years, protect our instruments.  Cases include heavy-duty polyethylene pull-handles, molded-in bumpers, a three stage telescopic recessed handle, full-length piano hinges and a custom cut foam insert. Intended for any travel, including airline, the lightweight design make them easier to […]

  • Table Covers

    Table Covers (given in memory of Karen Miller) Deluxe two piece Corduroy fabric table covers. These covers Feature a top piece that cover the top and back side of the tables along with a matching separate three sided pleated front and side skirt that is fastened to the top cover with Velcro. Due to the […]

  • Schulmerich Table Wedges

    The Wedge, made for and compatible only with the Schulmerich Table is designed at a 60 degree angle to accommodate corners for various concert set ups. They come with a custom foam pad 30″ x 30″ x 30″ by 4″.

  • Schulmerich Handbell Tables

    36” x 30” rectangular tables with 3/8″ Lite Ply with a High Pressure Laminate “HPL” top, crimped aluminum edge, durable steel legs with a secure locking system and adjustable legs.

  • 3 Octaves (C4 – C7) of Petit & Fritzen Handbells

    (on loan to Ring Sarasota) The sound of Petit & Fritsen handbells is very complex. Upon first hearing these Dutch bells, people are often reminded of tower bells. The unique sound of the Petit & Fritsens comes from their differences in both the bronze alloy and the casting profile, resulting in a unique combination of […]

  • 2 Octaves (C6 – C8) of Malmark Cymbells

    Designed by Malmark, Inc. these Cymbells simplify the ringing of melody lines, percussive patterns and ostinato. Authentic Malmark handbell castings mounted to a convenient rack. Each octave set contains 13 chromatic rack mounted castings, stand, and 2 mallets.